Sunday, March 22, 2009

Methodologies, Theories, and Instructional Design

After reading the article about instructional design, I have a better understanding of what it is exactly and what it aims to accomplish. I was thinking while I was reading it about an architect or an engineer designing a building or a bridge. It takes a lot of thought and expertise. You can't just being constructing something like that without following a plan or a blueprint. And a lot of time has to be spent on that to make sure it's safe and efficient. The same goes for instruction. If the goal is to have learners who could not accomplish a task able to accomplish that task, an instructor must design lessons and courses so that can be achieved effectively. Technology is the most useful tool we have to help with that.

The article about methodologies and theories was interesting as well. Those are the types of things I have been learning for a few years now either in college classes, staff development meetings, or just my own research. While I do think almost every method and theory has value, I think it's important to understand that every learning situation and environment is unique. And every single thing isn't going to work in every single classroom. We have to test things, find out what works for us, adapt if necessary, and create an ideal situation for the students that we educate. This site was great because it had so many resources available.

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