Saturday, February 7, 2009

Adobe Visual Design

While looking over the information on the Visual Design website, it occurred to me that I am generally a fan of all things Adobe. I think many of us use Adobe products, software, and technology on an almost daily basis and they make our lives easier. The Visual Design course also seems to offer ease of use to to both teachers and students.

What I like most about the Visual Design course is that the projects are so carefully and specifically laid out. There are very explicit instructions and methods which will make things easy for beginners. The projects build upon one another nicely so that learners can be broken in slowly yet still gain confidence and independence when working. They can also use and practice their new skills while leraning new things as well. The rubrics are a great way for students and teachers to keep track of things and be consistent.

So far I am very impressed with what I have seen and look forward to learning more about this program.

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